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  • Handmade

  • Materials: Wood, Metal hardware, pigments.

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Our hand-crafted solid wood and resin products such as boards, serving trays, candle holders and other pieces are made from rescued black walnut, local cedar, pine, oak and other kinds of wood sourced sustainably from Texas. The resin carves a path through the solid wood, adding a modern, unique element to each piece. The result is functional art for your countertop display, dinner parties, table-spaces and making any food look expertly presented.


Our handcrafted live-edge serving boards are the answer to stylish, multi-functional, sustainable serve ware. When not in use, these charcuterie boards make beautiful countertop decor; or, for more drama, use them as functional art.

Each board is unique and as such, the grain pattern and coloration of the wood will vary from piece to piece. We only use food-safe, non-toxic finishes on our serving boards.


Please note that dimensions are somewhat approximate due to the unique nature of each and every piece.

- Medium: 10”W x 12”L x 0.5”T

- Large: 12”W x 18”L x 0.5”T

- Extra Large: 14”W x 22”L x 0.5”T

** Please note: While we do our best to make our charcuterie boards look as close to the listing image as possible, each board is a custom piece and may not look exactly like the image pictured. Wood pieces and epoxy color vary with each pour, so the board you receive may vary in color and contrast from the board in the listing. **


Charcuterie boards are your answer to stylish, multi-functional, sustainable serve ware and food staging displays.

We love using them as tapas, cheese and charcuterie serving boards, and then when not in use, perched against a backsplash, styled with a succulent or plant and adding functional history and artistry to our countertops. Our trays can be used as  beautiful accents in bathrooms as well, to display towels, bath products, etc. They are also can be perfect  trays to serve breakfast/dinner. It is of course up to you how you want to use them.
Our products make wonderful gifts for housewarming, engagement, wedding, business, holiday and event occasions.


Each board is unique and as such, the grain pattern and coloration of the wood will vary from piece to piece.



We use natural wood such as black walnut, local cedar, pine, oak and other kinds of wood sourced sustainably from Texas.


We are using ArtResin - Epoxy Resin - UV and HALS stabilized for unparalleled yellowing protection

  • Non-toxic. Safe for home use when used in a well-ventilated area.

  • No VOCs. No BPA. No fumes. Non-flammable. Certified food safe.

  • High-gloss. Self-levelling. Formulated specifically for art. 

  • Made in the USA.


Our finishes are non-toxic and food-safe, ensuring that you and your family are safe to eat off your treasured board.


We use modern style aluminum, stainless steel or iron, handles. The screws on the bottom of our serving trays are covered with robber or felt caps to make the products more stable on any surface. Each product has an authentication plate signed by the maker and a little booklet with description of Kapriz.


Color variations:
We have a wide variety of metallic and translucent pigments available and can customize the color further for you. Please message us when placing your order with an explanation and if possible, an image of the color(s) that you are looking for. We will do our best to accommodate.

If you like more sapwood (the lighter part of the wood) or heartwood (the darker heart of the tree), please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request with our available charcuterie board slabs. Please keep in mind that each board is unique and grain patterns and tones will vary.
Cedar is a classic choice, but if you would like a similar board with a different wood, please message us for a custom quote. Local woods that we have in stock include: cedar, walnut, oak


To preserve its beauty, we recommend using it as a serving board instead of cutting board. The resin we use, has high density, please keep in mind, if you put a heavy object on your tray, it will leave a mark that will go away eventually.  The durable finish will resist stains, but when used as a food serving board, you will need to clean it carefully.

Briefly hand wash with warm soapy water and fully dry immediately with a soft cloth. Do not scrub with an abrasive or submerge in water.

We build with respect for historical craftsmanship and modern sustainable practices so that you can enjoy your Idaho made one-of-a-kind piece for a lifetime.



We love what we do and we would love to hear from you! Please send us your custom requests, process questions or other inquiries.

We hope that you enjoy your board as much as we enjoyed making it. If, for some reason, you aren’t satisfied, please message us right away so that we can help.

Thank you for supporting a local, sustainable-focused business!

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